The Trelex Art Residencies
Discussion, Exchange, Collaboration - Creative Freedom without application forms.

Trelex residencies are the only residencies in the world without Application forms or other selection process. They operate on the principle of putting artistic freedom first: without Artist having to fill out application forms or respond to specific expectations on their practice, they are free to reinvent their practice and innovate without restrictions.
All artists are welcome on a first-come, first served basis, as long as there is availability. Artists are not judgedby how they intend to use the residencies but are trusted instead to use their time in the manner most productive to their practice. Artists decide which residency is appropriate for them and how long they need to stay (up to a stated maximum residency duration, different for each residency). The individual websites for each residency aim to give a maximum amount of honest information for the artists to make an informed decision as to what is best for them.

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The original Trelex Residency
in Switzerland near geneva
The Amazon Trelex Residency
with Rainforest Expeditions in Peru

Paris residency for poets

…and many more under consideration in Amsterdam, Italy and the UK. To stay updated with our growing community, follow us on Facebook!

(for all writing by residents and residency directors, go to individual websites through links above)


For future partners to consider:
No application forms means less admin and no need for a jury, no need to turn anyone down. Those mean a smaller budget, less need for incorporating this as a business or a charity. Less overheads and paperwork. Just more art and more pleasure: the joy of welcoming artist after artist grateful for your trust and your unconditional support for their practice. 100% occupancy with 100% productivity from the word go. No place is too small to become a residency.
We design the website with you from A to Z and either provide you with a booking system or manage bookings for you. And most of all, you will have the unanimous support of a growing community of world-wide artists who are rallying behind this model of 'attentive leaving-alone'. Interested?
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